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Huperzine A NOOTROPICWhat is Huperzine A?

Huperzine A is a dietary supplement derived from the Chinese club moss Huperzia Serrata. Despite the fact that the supplement is extracted from a plant, the end product is the result of a lot of laboratory manipulation. It is a drug, because unlike herbs that contain hundreds of chemicals, Huperzine A is highly purified.

Huperzine A is also called selagine, therefore you should be careful not to confuse it with medications with similar names such as selegiline. Also, try not to make any confusion between one of the brands names of Huperzine A, which is Cerebra, and the brand names of other unrelated prescription drugs such as celecoxib and citalopram.

Huperzine A is generally used for Alzheimer’s disease, enhancing memory and learning, and treating age related memory impairment. It is also used for treating a certain muscle disease called myasthenia gravis, for increasing alertness and energy, and protecting against nerve damaging agents.

Hybrid drugs containing Huperzine A are used to treat Alzheimer’s because they might be more effective at a lower dose and have less side effects, although tests are still being made.


Huperzine A is supposed to be beneficial for treating problems with memory loss, dementia, and myasthenia gravis (a muscle disorder), due to the fact that it causes an increase in the levels of acetylcholine, which is a chemical our nerves use to communicate in the brain and with other areas.

The researches involving dementia suggest that by taking Huperzine A orally for up to 8 weeks, you may experience improvements in memory, mental function, and behavior in people suffering from mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

When it comes to memory, studies have shown that by taking Huperzine A by mouth for 4 weeks, children and teenagers who have memory problems can improve their memory. Also, by taking Huperzine A for 12 weeks adults who suffer from mild cognitive impairment can improve their memory.

As for the muscular disorder called myasthenia gravis, studies suggest that by taking Huperzine A intramuscularly for 10 days you may prevent muscle weakness and may have longer lasting effects.

Other effects of Huperzine A require further testing.

Side Effects

Huperzine A is more or less safe when taken by mouth for a short period of time. Using it may cause side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, blurred vision, sweating, blurred vision, loss of appetite and other side effects.

Special precautions need to be taken into consideration when consumed by children. It is generally safe for children when consumed for a short period of time. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should be careful because isn’t enough reliable information to be sure it’s safe.

Huperzine A can slow the heart rate, thus it should be avoided by people who already have a slow heart rate or other heart conditions. It should also be avoided by epileptic people because it might make epilepsy worse.

Due to the fact that Huperzine A can increase mucous and fluid secretions in the intestines, causing congestion it is not safe to use it if you suffer from gastrointestinal tract blockage.

Huperzine A is considered one of the best nootropics on the market, being very useful for improving brain functions, but you need to be careful when consuming it. You should consult your doctor before taking Huperzine A supplements.




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